Eat that frog with Pomodoro

Pomodoro technique explained

Pomodoro technique is something I wasn’t familiar with until yesterday, when I was doing my online course of increasing work productivity with Amal. We all have trouble with work productivity and getting work done on time and are always struggling with it, people have different ways of dealing with it. I also have my own way of getting work done and increasing my productivity by giving myself a deadline and during this time I don’t do anything other than the work that I have to get done in that required time, this way I always get my work done in that given time by fully focusing on my work and not letting myself get distracted by other things.

Coming across Pomodoro technique, for me it was something new and it looked very interesting because it came with many intervals of short breaks where one can take rest. I dug a bit deeper into it and found out that it is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, it involves the use of a timer or alarm to divide the work time into different intervals to accompany it with short breaks. The time taken in this technique is traditionally 25 minutes which is then broken down into short intervals with small breaks. This technique encourages people to work with the time that is available and not to work against it, also it increases work efficiency because of the short breaks where people can freshen up a bit before continuing to work again.

After having all the insightful information I decided to give it a try since i was working on my online course 2 and having trouble completing it so I set myself a target of completing the DIY activity files of word, set my alarm to 25 minutes and started working on it. There were quite a few distractions during the time like messages from my friends, Facebook notifications, promotional messages from my favorite brands and last but not the least my mother calling for me, I ignored all of them except for the last one, I went to mother to see why she was asking for me but I told her that I’m doing some work and I’ll get back to her after 25 minutes and came back to work. I completed the course reading and also made the files according to the instructions, the alarm rang up when I was giving final touches to my files so I successfully completed the task in the given 25 minutes.

I was able to do the work in the given time and it was not really difficult except for the fact that I had to restrain myself from social media and messages which is I think the main reason why we can’t get our work done on time. I noticed that I achieved more than what I usually do with this technique because it kind of made me bound to some rules and regulations which is why I didn’t waste any time on distractions and got my work done.

It was a new and a very good experience for me, I liked it because it helped me achieve my goal within a specific time which is why I will keep using this technique In the future also when I’m short of time and slacking off with many distractions which is a very usual case with me. One thing I can do to improve my experience is to select a time of the day that when I’m more productive, active and efficient, this way I can do a good job with this technique.




A fresh graduate looking for purpose in life.

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Kainat Afridi

Kainat Afridi

A fresh graduate looking for purpose in life.

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